warehouse logistics

Warehouse Logistics provides high standard and efficienct management of warehouse operations through professional approach at each level of operating process.

Our Company offers rental services of warehouse premises for different types of cargo storage on favourable terms.

Warehouse services provided by our Company help to improve business processes of partners in different areas and avoid the necessity to be involved in building and maintaining such kind of premises.

Favourable terms of renting warehouse premises provided by our company is the best solution for companies involved in import-export business. In addition we offer safe custody storage and guarantee that the company has smart and standardized operational process.

The reliability of warehouse logistics is based not only on the appropriate storage of a variety of standard size and oversized loads but also on providing cargo handling services, sorting and labeling of goods, assembling and tracking of goods in accordance with shelf life of a product. The warehouse, that is located in Kyiv, Lviv, Europe, is equipped with a complex of monitoring, audit and security system for a safe storage of loads. Upon their request customers could receive reports through warehouse management system.

Having chosen warehouse premises of EALC in Kyiv, Lviv, Europe
for either a short- or long-term renting you will definitely get the needed space for different types of pallets as well as cargo handling operations 24/7.

The EALC operates on the basis of the latest IT-technologies (WMS and TMS Systems) that enable us to have an individual approach to each customer.


Warehouse services:

  • A full range of cargo handling operations;
  • Temporary, permanent and safe-custody storage;
  • Accountability, sorting, assembling, packaging, labeling;
  • Inventory in the warehouse;
  • Preparation for shipment, inventory control, cross-docking;
  • Recycling;
  • Preparing of necessary documentation and reports;
  • Co-packing services.

Prices for warehouse services:

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Additional warehouse services:

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