Fulfillment for e-commerce involves a full range of logistics support that covers all the steps from making an order to receiving the goods.

Fulfillment Logistics is a popular service in a business sector that involves warehouse storage of goods, handling of orders, receiving of goods, payment and return of goods.

If you try to keep up to date you have probably had the necessity of having a warehouse – fulfillment services in Kyiv (Ukraine) will provide a solution for you. This kind of services is extremely important for online shops at an early stage of their development.

The EALC will save your time that will make a great contribution to the development of your business

Fulfillment operations:

  • Receiving of goods from a supplier;
  • Sefe custody storage;
  • Handling of orders (call-center);
  • Assembling, packaging of orders;
  • Repackaging of goods;
  • Completing of warranty certificates;
  • Doorstep delivery by the best courier service;
  • Accountability;
  • Return of the goods handling;
  • Payment service (receiving of payment from the recipient);
  • Photo studio services.

Benefits of fulfillment services:

  • Fulfillment services helps to save money as there is no need for a customer to rent or build a warehouse, hire employees, buy necessary equipment or software;
  • Minimize customer’s participation in operational process that in turn makes life easier for the owner of an online shop;
  • Means the availability of all the range of product in the warehouse stock;
  • Fulfillment delivery involves monitoring of couriers, negotiation with delivery services hold by our employees – all of these will help to minimize any errors;
  • In case of necessity a buyer can pick-up the goods from the warehouse.


The EALC is the best partner for your e-commerce because we provide:

  • Complex solutions;
  • Individual solutions;
  • Personal manager;
  • Highly qualified employees;
  • Use of powerful WMS and TMS systems;
  • Low error index (0.01%);
  • The best delivery and payment service;
  • Accountability;
  • Payment only for the received services

Prices for fulfillment services:

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