In today’s economy in order to increase competitiveness enterpreneurs are paying more attention not only to the goods but to the optimization of shipping process trying to choose the most efficient way of delivery.

One of these ways is so-called “cross-docking” service that helps to decrease logistics costs and terms of delivery.

Cross-docking is the process of shipment of goods using warehouse facilities that excludes long-term storage. This helps to decrease not only the amount of operations with the goods but also the period of storage in the warehouse.

There are two main types of cross-docking:

  • One-stage cross-docking – transfer of a load through the warehouse as a separate unchangeable order;
  • Two-stage cross-docking – involves rearrangement of a load while being transferred from a delivery area to the shipping area.

Cross-docking technology can be applied in various areas:

  • Goods which are caracterised by high turnover as well as predictable demand;
  • Consumer goods;
  • Shortlived commodities that need a fast delivery;
  • When there is the necessity to consolidate small consignments of goods from different suppliers;
  • When it is necessary to send goods from several suppliers to the final destination in regions or consolidate complex orders;
  • Items for marketing purposes;
  • High-quality goods that do not require careful quality control procedures while being received;
  • Ready for sale goods with a label or a sticker on them.

Benefits of a Cross-Docking Complex involve the following:

  • cross-docking delivery helps to empty the space and avoid stockpiling;
  • preserve the quality of goods;
  • helps to save money, substantially minimize costs (e.g. storage costs);
  • pursue a faster delivery to the destination (end consumer);
  • increase goods turnover (due to the right choice of operator).

Cross-Docking space is the best solution for regular large shipments that enables to preserve the quality of goods while cutting costs. It is also suitable for transportation of short-lived goods, technical items, small-sized and marketing goods.

Operating the system is easy with self inventory scheme, proper planning and arrangement.

Cross-Docking Logistics means satisfying the customer’s needs when meeting deadlines is essential.

Our competitive advantages involve:

  • Beneficial location of distribution facilities in Kyiv:
    1. Logistics complex«AMTEL PROPERTIES» of «А+» class, Kyiv region, Kyyevo-Sviatoshyns’kyi district, Belohorodka village, 3 Kompressorna str. (highway Vyshneve – Boyarka), which is located 10 km. from Kyiv.
    2. Warehouse complex of “B” class, Kyiv, 6 Butlerova str. (has a separate railway platform, possibility of simultaneous off-loading and re-loading of 3 carrigies of the freight train).
  • WMS and TMS systems;
  • Meeting the official deadlines described in the contract;
  • Availability of vehicles for shortlived goods, equipped with insulated carriages and refrigeration units;
  • All trucks are equipped with the latest navigation systems GLONASS and GPS –trackers;
    All the warehouses of EALC have 24/7 security systems;
  • Moreover our Company has warehousing space for cross-docking services in many cities around Ukraine.

The EALC is customer oriented and able to open additional warehouse space in other Ukrainian cities depending on client’s needs.

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