customs-brokerage services

Each type of transportation services needs a variety of documents and permissions. In the context of time pressure one of the key problems to be solved in the area of international transfer is the speed at which paperwork is done. If you understand that time is money – welcome to our company. We provide a variety of Customs-brokerage services for our customers at all key stages of cargo transportation. Our company has a great experience in this area that enables us to protect our customers from any possible problems with Customs.

You will definitely get professional advice from our highly-qualified employees. Our company has had a great experience in international cargo transportation and all the procedures with documents are automated. We will take into account all your needs and save your time and money.

We offer a full range of necessary services to satisfy the needs of our customers. These include:

  • Accreditation and re-accredidation of companies at Customs;
  • Providing advice on invoices and packaging documentation needed for Customs clearance;
  • Advising on import-export contracts;
  • Advising on international trade activity;
  • Preparing of draft customs bill of entry;
  • Providing assistance with getting permission for the delivery of all types of goods;
  • Certification of goods.

Import and export of goods in collaboration with our company will give our customers confidence in a proper arrangement of international transportation services. We are a reputable partner willing to long-term cooperation.

We provide “Importer contract holder” service on a turn-key basis.

You don’t need to have customs accreditation and open a foreign currency account for international trade. We will contact the contractor on behalf of our customer, make all the necessary payments, deliver the goods to the Customs and make all Customs clearance procedures.

Payment for the services shall be made in national currency (UAH) upon the receipt of goods.

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