road transportation

Road transportation has always been the most popular type of shipping among our customers to deliver cargo around Ukraine and abroad.

Bulk materials, fuels, dangerous, short-lived and oversized loads can be delivered by road transport as well as mixed and multiple loads.

Firstly it is cost-efficient; secondly there is a huge variety of carriers which means it is always easy to find a truck.

Nowadays in case of delivery of small consignments, even from China, it is more time-efficient to use trucks for transportation.

We have a great experience in road transportation. Our company has been involved in the transportation of a wide range of goods so we are able to deliver a cargo wherever our customers need in case of access to road connection.

We realize that safety, speed and price are the most important factors for our customers.

Services that can be offered in terms of road transportation involve:

  • Finding the best route on the basis of a complex of criteria;
  • Staying connected to all the trucks involved in cargo transportation;
  • Monitoring of the availability of all the required documents;
  • Providing the customer with real-time information about the location of a truck;
  • Preparing all the required documentation for the cargo owner as well as providing transportation documents at the end of road transportation with delivery details, certificate of completion, invoice and standard VAT invoice.

Our company provides B2B (Business for Business) and B2C (Business for Consumer) transportation services not only around Ukraine but in Europe as well.


Terms of delivery can be discussed (within existing standards) while contract formation, and the company bears financial responsibility for meeting deadlines.

Conracts for road transportation can be signed for any period discussed and the company ensures the fulfillment and non-disclosure of all the terms of a contract.

Safety of goods being transported is guaranteed by CRM insurance. If necessary there is also possibility to arrange insurance of a cargo with any leading national insurance company. Depending on customer’s needs the company can either deliver the goods to the warehouse or arrange door-to-door delivery.

Advantages of road truck transportation

The advantages of road truck transportation are as following:

  • the most efficient and safe routes;
  • large fleet of modern vehicles;
  • individual scheduling and routing for a particular customer;
  • qualified and experienced drivers.

Each route offered by our company is an effective, reliable and safe way of transportation. We are fully responsible for every single cargo and escort it to the delivery point. All the operational processes in the company are 100% well running according to positive reviews of our regular customers.

Providing assistance with documentation for road truck transportation

Our customers are often short of time to prepare all the necessary documents for road transportation. That is why our lawyers will happily arrange all the necessary documentation for your cargo to be successfully delivered to its destination. While routing we comply with all the rules and regulations set by Ukrainian legislation.

Prices for road transportation of goods

The cost of road transportation of goods around Ukraine is one of the main issues that our customers are concerned about. That is why we can insure that all the transportation services provided by our company are absolutely affordable for most customers.

The exact price could be set only by calculating such parameters as weight, overall dimension of cargo and distance of future transportation. For those customers having not enough cargo for a full truck there is a possibility to deliver goods on a space-available basis which means they pay only for the delivery of their load.

Modern TMS systems allow us to operate the whole transport logistics process automatically which helps us to make all the timing, pricing and routing in the most efficient way.

Types of trucks, trailers and semi-trailers available are as following:

Tent, semi-trailer

Aimed at transportation of most types of loads.  Top, side and back loadings are available. Weight capacity – 20-25 tonnes. Total capacity – 22-23 europallets. Useful volume – 60-96 m3


Refrigerator, semi-trailer

Semi-trailer with refrigerator is aimed at transportation of short-lived goods.  The temperature in cargo tank can vary from +25`С to — 25`С. Weight capacity – 10-22 tonnes. Total capacity – 12-33 europallets. Useful volume – 34-92 m3. Eurostandard – 20 tonnes, 82m3, 32 pallets. Service price is 5-25% higher than the service of a conventional truck.



A truck with a trailer. Advantages involve quick loading/unloading and extensive useful volume. Disadvntage – useless for lengthy items. Weight capacity – 16-25 tonnes. Useful volume – 60-120m3. Total capacity – 22-33 europallets.


Container vehicle

Is used for transportation of a large variety of containers. Weight capacity – 20-30 tonnes.

Tanker truck

Is used for transportation of liquids. Weight capacity – 12-22 tonnes. Volume- 8-40m3.


Is used for low-volume and low-weight cargo. Weight capacity – 1-3 tonnes. Volume – 3-10m3. Advantages – low prime cost and high speed of transportation.

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