maritime container shipping

One of the specific features of maritime transportation of loads is the fact that it is a priori international and, as any other type of shipping that involves crossing the border, it needs an appropriate set of documents. All maritime shipping in Ukraine is based on the following scenario.

Standard cargo or mixed consignments are loaded into containers which are then sealed. After that all the necessary shipping and customs documents are drafted. Then the load is delivered to the port by railway or container vehicle. There containers are checked and loaded into the ship that follows a specific route. After the arrival to the port of a consignee all the procedure happens in a reverse sequence. Oversized cargos are transported in the same way.

Taking into account the complexity of this kind of transportation it is important to monitor the cargo at all levels of a transfer and while loading-unloading operation. That is why it is better to use the services of a reputable transport company which will not only monitor the container shipping at all stages but also guarantee the safety of goods as well as a valid insurance.

20ft and 40ft containers are the most common in this type of shipping. Currently 20ft containers account for about 75% of world fleet while 40ft containers account for about only 20%. They are considered to be multi purpose but depending on their capacity characteristics there is a big difference between them:

  • 20ft containers are mostly used for heavy load cargos while
  • 40ft and 45ft are used for less heavy but bulky cargos.


Freight forwarding involves a complex of route planning to minimize the period of transportation, planning of all transportation process and drafting all the necessary documenation. A sender can load the containers in his/her warehouse as well as deliver the goods to the ports of Yuzhny, Chernomorsk or Odessa. The goods are delivered to the port in containers where they are in for their placement into the ship.

Freight forwarding at the port is the most difficult part of container transportation as it requires a large number of agreements and visas from governmental bodies and other participants of a transportation process. Container freightforwarding is a specific process but our employees have a great experience in dealing with such kind of issues. Our experienced shipping agents and standardized operational process help us minimize the possibility of errors and unpredictable difficulties while forwarding a container.

International freight forwarding allows to have overall monitoring of the goods while transportation. Maritime cargo shipping can take up to two months. The freight forwarding company controls the transfer of the containers which is particularly important in cases when the transit cargo is delivered through foreign ports where it is reloaded to other vessels.

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