logistics audit


Is an independent fair assessment of all the aspects of a supply chain that involves the analysis of planning system and documentation, processing, relationships with suppliers and customers, the efficiency of logistics infrastructure of a company, quality control system and the cost-effectiveness of logistic operations.

Carrying out logistics audit on a regular basis enables us to timely identify possible ways of reducing operational costs and increase the efficiency of business operation in general. The result of an audit is a report wich provides the management of a company with the information about the inspection and involves recommendations that will help to improve current logistics system of a company. Moreover, conducting an audit on a regular basis helps to compare current data with the information from previous reports and in this way monitor the development of business efficiency.

Depending on the objectives set by the customer, logistics audit can be aimed at finding ways to decrease operational costs, increasing revenue, increase trade turnover, use the maximum of its production capacity etc. Logistics audit is essential for all types of businesses regardless of the volume and the activity itself.

Thorough logistics audit is carried out by highly-qualified employees, whose responsibilities involve a detailed and impartial analysis of a current situation in the company, finding the ways of optimization all business processes, assisting the company while implementation of changes and monitoring of the effectiveness of a business operation process after the implementation period.

The Euro-Asian Logistics Company has a great experience in logistics audit that enables us to provide our customers with the highest quality of the services. If needed the specialists of leading European logistics and consultancy agencies could be invited for fruitful collaboration.

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